Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Gourmet Fast Food

  Shake Shack

Located in the heart of Madison Square Park, near the corner of 23rd Street and Madison Ave. Although this place serves "Fast Food" the waiting line is so long that it might take up to an hour or two before you can get your hands on it. One day I saw at least a hundred people already in line around six pm. Suzanne Vega was performing a free concert at the park that night so i guess it made sense. The best way to avoid the line is going at an odd hour, like around three or four pm. Keep your iPad handy or read a book while you wait. This place is famous for their crispy Burgers and crinkle Fries, and now that summer is in full swing their Shakes and Lemonade are perfect to quench the summer thirst. Overall a different fast food experience because the burgers taste very gourmet. I also recommend their Concretes, the best thing is that you can mix in flavors and design your own. Take a book along, find a quiet corner in the park to read, and enjoy your meal...

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