Sunday, June 23, 2013


  Taste Trip Down Chinatown, NYC

Chinese food is one of my favorite cuisines. So going for a taste tour of Chinatown is a must every time I come to New York. Walking down Mott Street is a visual treat, you almost forget you're in Manhattan.. the smell of Asian food is in the air as you walk along the street full of small shops and restaurants and people sitting on the sidewalks reading Chinese newspapers. Among these little shops is the fascinating Aji Ichiban or "Munchies Paradise", located at 37 Mott St.

Aji Ichiban

This shop is a little candy treasure box, packed with all kinds of sweets and savories in clear bins. The store has a open tasting policy so you can try all kinds of strange flavors and treats like dried spicy squid and roasted eel and banana chips or pickled plum.

Aji Ichiban

Once you come out of this candy wonderland one cant help but get tempted to get a foot massage (a must for me) before lunch. In my opinion it can be the best appetizer. For lunch i strongly recommend 456 Shanghai Cuisine, located at 69 Mott St. Don't let the simplicity of the exterior fool you.

456 Shang Hai Cuisine

Great food, from dumplings to stir-fry, everything was delicious. It may look like just another restaurant, but trust me as far as taste is concerned it is miles ahead of the others. I shared the table with a retired UNDP officer from Hong Kong. The conversation we had made me change my views about Japan forever.

Fish, Szechuan Style

After lunch a walk down Canal Street can be refreshing.
On the weekends fresh fruit and sea food is abundant on the streets. Fresh lobster and crab
look at you with "buy me" eyes.

Sea Food Market

Along the streets you can find small stands selling all kinds of tasty delicacies. I find the smell of street food irresistible... fried shrimp, scallions or 5 dumplings for only a dollar. In the end I opted for something sweet.
Sweet Chinese Mini Cakes


Eating my mini cakes i made my way to catch the train back to Chelsea! As I was walking a strange fruit caught my eye. Hmmm wonder what it tastes like. Maybe I'll find out next I visit!

Dragon Fruit

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