Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Thai food to Junior's

Pad Thai, anyone?

Pad Thai epitomizes Thai Cuisine... but most people will argue that there is much more to Thai food than that. I agree! but with experience i can say (with a lot of conviction) that if a Thai restaurant fails to serve a decent Pad Thai, then the rest of their food ain't worth trying.. Period! With this in mind i put every Thai restaurant to the "Pad Thai Test". Only those that clear this test can earn my patronage. A recent casualty was Taan Thai, located at E. 31st street between Madison and Fifth Avenue. The words "no flavor... no soul" almost never come to mind when describing Thai food... but that is exactly what i thought about the Pad Thai at Taan. What a disappointment!

Cheesecake! saves the day...   

I never let the taste of a culinary mishap have the last word! Almost instantly my mind comes up with a sure shot winner. So after Taan i caught the train to Times Square and made my way to Junior's, located at 1515 Broadway. Junior's is one of my father's favorite restaurants, and i love their Cheesecake. Thai food and cheesecake don't go well together but i just had to please my palette with the best dessert. The original New York style Cheesecake at Juniors is simple, creamy and oh so delicious.

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