Monday, July 15, 2013

Simple Pleasures of Life

The Italian Way... Few people know how to live a quality life... the Italian's definitely are an exception. Enjoying a cup of coffee without looking at the watch a hundred times, or taking time to finish a meal savoring every bite... all heighten our day to day experiences to a different level. I'm not a big fan of Italian food. I hardly ever opt for Pizza or Pasta... even though i do enjoy a good Risotto every once in a while. But I am a big fan of Italian desserts... from Tiramisu, Cannoli's to Gelato or Italian Chocolate, i love it all. Nobody does desserts better than the Italians. The place i have to mention is 'Eataly' which sounds similar to 'Italy'. Located in New York's Flatiron district at 200 Fifth Avenue, this place has everything Italian under one roof. It spans over 50,000 square feet with five different restaurants serving Pasta, Fish, Pizza and everything Italian you can think ofIt is also a marketplace where you can find everything from the best quality olive oil, tomato sauce, homemade pasta, meat, fish.. even sun dried tomatoes and fresh baked Italian bread. Those who love to cook can find great cookbooks from famed Italian chefs like Mario Batali and Lidia Matticchio Bastianich, who also happen to be the owners of 'Eataly' along with Oscar Farinetti and Joe Bastianich. The original Tiramisu at 'Eataly' is just incredible... and if you have it with their rich Hot Chocolate the experience will have you coming back for more every time. The line for Gelato is always long so be prepared to wait, but trust me it will be worth your while. Better than 'Little Italy' in a way!

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